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a DIGITAL marketing agency with a HYBRID marketing approach

CLOUT is a digital marketing agency with a hybrid marketing approach. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our customised and affordable services are available to SMEs and private clients across the globe.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, who became addicted to the process of creating brands out of nothing more than an idea.  Nothing excites us more than seeing  a concept and/or brand take off, and experiencing the uptake of whatever it is that we have strategised in conjunction with our superstar clients.

We have been active in the South African media and entertainment industry for long enough to have seen the internet grow from a marketing novelty to the epicentre of modern business, and we remain fascinated and inspired by the infinite possibilities that are on offer to any business that is willing to invest the time, money and expertise required to be on the winning side of the fourth industrial revolution. At the same time, we understand and love how traditional marketing and PR can serve a digital strategy (and sometimes, vice versa!), and by keeping abreast of developments in traditional media (print, radio and TV) and maintaining good relationships with journalists, editors, producers and media managers, we are able to take advantage of both mediums and maximise opportunities all round.

It's not just about Marketing. It's about visualising your brand as a multi-dimensional digital package

Who We Are & How We Work

Clout was founded by media and entertainment entrepreneur Carina Bruwer, whose background in digital business and innovation has served as launchpads for a number of small businesses and SMEs.

Backed up by a strong network of highly skilled freelancers, Carina handles initial client consultation and collaborates with the client on business strategy and a digital business vision. Depending on the project’s budget and requirements, the project is then either completed in-house, or the client is connected with (a) skilled professional(s) best suited for the job.

Our network of specialist freelancers are:

* Web developers
* Software developers
* Graphic designers
* Researchers
* SEO Specialists
* Social media marketers
* PR practitioners
* Copywriters
* Photographers and videographers
* Producers
* Directors
* Event crew

Carina Bruwer

Carina Bruwer

Founder & CEO

Carina is a highly experienced media and entertainment specialist who has been creating visibility for small businesses and freelancers for nearly two decades. A nano influencer herself, Carina has significant media experience from both sides, and an intricate understanding of the power of social media. Her strong business acumen is complemented by her tireless energy and ability to simplify a challenge and motivate those around her to take risks and/or persist.

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