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Copywriting and content creation service

We know, you know your business. After all, you dreamed up your business and you probably live and breathe your business and its offerings.  But do you have the skill and experience to sell it in words?  Are you able to epitomize the essence of your product and/or service in one short paragraph, of which the mere tone also manages to enunciate your values and your unique voice?  If the answer is yes, then you are armed with a gift that can be of tremendous value to your business and you should be sure to allocate enough time to copywriting during the setup phase of your business, and when it comes to marketing and PR projects and campaigns.  However, if you or someone on your team do not have the skill or the time required to create strategic narratives and powerful presentations that can set your business apart from the competition and have the power to simply sell – be it an idea, a product, a service or simply trust – using a copywriting service is the way to go.

Words are soldiers of fortune,

hired by different ideas


Clout’s copywriting services include:


Website Content

Writing content for a website has become a unique skill, especially if ranking well in search engines is a priority for you (which it should be). Striking a balance between creating content that is SEO friendly and text that is coherent and strong is quite an art; one that we have perfected through trial and error.


Press releases

Getting your share of the spotlight can feel impossible, especially for a new and/or small business, but there are ways… A well-written press release is half the battle won. We know the formula and we like to believe that we have the creative edge that adds enough substance for the odds to swing into your favour when it comes to media uptake.


Multiple languages

We are able to offer a copywriting in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, German, Italian and French. We also offer translation services in the above languages, and are able to source suitable freelancers through our network, should a writing and/or translation service in additional languages be required.

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