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Nothing could have prepared us for the bulldozer that is Covid-19.  Overnight, an industry which relies largely on human connection, had to migrate online or seize to exist. 

Our team has been working in events and entertainment for nearly two decades. We have been immersed in its constant evolution, and together with hundreds of other small businesses offering event, entertainment and media services, we essentially helped to create the events industry. Now, we all have to reimagine the industry, and are delightfully challenged by the new genres of entertainment and the the fresh digital face of an events industry that we are needing to create from scratch. 

You can’t simply replicate the traditional event model

Events are built on human connection. People get together to celebrate, to be entertained, educated, inspired and to connect.  We feed off each other’s energy as well as the energy and atmopshere of a physical space.

The absence of these crucial elements (in its traditional form at least) when it comes to online events, poses enormous challenges for events professionals.  It is simply impossible to recreate the dynamic of traditional events in a digital space.  We can merely use our understanding of what it is that is meant to be achieved by an event, to create an online event model which is true to its purpose as well as the platform.

Our services for digital events include:

Online concerts / digital events

We offer a turnkey production service which includes event conceptualisation, creative direction, and a full production service, whilst we also partner with the event producer / creative to fill the gaps in an existing production.

Creative Production

We are intrigued by the challenge of creating online events which offer real connection. Through creative production and direction, strategic scripting, and other production elements such as b-roll footage, library music, guest contributions and other out-the-box ideas, creating a memorable online event which draws guests in, keeps them engaged and leaves a longterm impression.

Live streaming / Scheduled streaming

Together with our professional webcasting and video streaming partners, we can facilitate all the technical aspects involved in delivering a world class online stream, whether it is live or scheduled.  Based on your unique requirements, our team will suggest the most suitable platforms for streaming and/or distribution, and will do any research required in the case of a new concept for which a new strategy needs to be developed.

PR and marketing for digital events and online concerts

The online space is currently flooded with events, concerts, meets and other productions promising connection and entertainment. Hosting an event with high production value is the first step to success; but exposing it to a (potentially infinite) audience is often the missing link. With 2 decades’ experience in the PR space, a comprehensive media list, and an intricate and constantly evolving understanding of online experience, we embrace the challenge of promoting these new genres through a strategic combination of digital and traditional PR

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