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The lines between marketing, advertising and PR can seem quite blurred. This is inevitable, given the ever-changing nature of the media industry; the digital media that never sleeps, and the constant publish-as-you-go approach which many businesses adopt in order to stay ahead of (or at least in line with) the fast-paced digital culture.

A PR Campaign is a specialised marketing component which offer unique opportunities for your brand and your business. Focused on creating a favourable public image for your brand through relationship building and reputation management, a well-strategised PR campaign has the ability to cultivate credibility, reach brand new markets and audiences, re-engage with existing audiences, and ultimately drive sales – whether directly or indirectly.

PR is all about storytelling. What is it that you want to be communicating to your audience, and what form will this communication take on? How will we best drive and deliver this story to achieve and even exceed the objectives of the campaign?


Clout can strategise your PR Campaign, and/or take care of key aspects such as:

PR Strategy Development

We start with your goal in mind, and then work backwards.  Together, we identify and focus on what sets you apart from your competition, and we devise a strategy around amplifying this to benefit your business. We optimise your budget to ensure whatever we do, adds great value to your overall marketing strategy.

Content creation

Let us write your story.  Copywriting is an art, not a science.  Leaving it to the wordsmiths who are armed with the right doses of business acumen and marketing insight can make all the difference. We make sure that your company’s unique tone is omnipresent in all messaging, whilst creating compelling narratives which appeal to your audience and the media alike.

Media relation

With a comprehensive media contact list and solid relationships with many local journalists and editors, plus an intricate understanding of how the media machine works, our press release distribution service comes with significant substance and dedication. We have the ability to create coverage in print press, radio, TV and of course online

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