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Social Media management

Social media – the core of digital marketing

There is no way around it; social media is a necessity for any business. It offers – on a digital platter – the very ingredients that most marketing strategies are made up of: an audience that you can analyze, target, connected with, influence and ultimately sell your product or service to.  It offers a consistent platform for brand reinforcement, announcements, promotions and communication. From a potential client’s point of view, the state of your social media can offer instant credibility.

Clout offers various packages to assist with your social media strategy and/or integration.

A successful social media strategy has many layers



Firstly, the strategy itself needs to be well-defined and intelligently constructed, based on a thorough understanding of the audience and the core message that needs to be reinforced.



It is imperative to know what your competition is doing. Not only does social media allow you to tap into their market; it also gives you insight into their strategy which gives you a head start when it comes to customising your own



Your business needs a voice – a tone that is omnipresent through all communication and media, to create consistency and credibility, and establish a good rapport with your audience.


Content is king and this can be hard work. You need to establish a social media production line based partially around your business’ organic activity, but also largely around your social media objectives


Your business has a rhythm, with periods of frenzy and times where activity is reduced or even stagnant. Your social media output should be more stable, to keep your audience engaged and loyal, and to reinforce credibility

Ongoing analysis

The ability to track and analyze most of what you (and your competitors) are doing, is one of the wins when it comes to social media marketing. Consistent analysis will allow you to streamline campaigns and strategies and to focus on what works

Our services include:

Facebook Page

Account setup, growth, content, full management of your facebook page strategy, including Facebook Ads management


Account setup, growth, strategy, content and copywriting, Instagram ads, influencer marketing


Account setup, optimisation, post generation, live tweeting (events), content production and campaign management

Global social media strategy

Whether you need a complete social media management service, or only assistance with only certain aspects, we will customise a package that suits your needs

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