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From a simple, quick and budget friendly website that you can update yourself, to a web based business or marketplace concept

We get the web.

We were there when it started and we’ve seen it grow from a marketing novelty to the epicentre of modern business. We’ve developed web based businesses and conceptualised marketplace inspired platforms. We remain fascinated and inspired by the infinite possibilities that are on offer to any business that is willing to invest the time, money and expertise required to be on the winning side of the fourth industrial revolution.

We assist SMEs with creating and/or evolving their web presence, based on their unique business requirements, budgets and a collective vision.

Creating a web presence can be overwhelming. We simplify IT…

When you are building a new business, or reimagining an existing one, you cannot waste time and money on ineffective marketing activities. Having an strategically designed, functional website will always be of value, and can often serve as the launchpad of your business, or – in many cases – be the business in itself.

Deciding on a direction is an imperative first step.  What do you want it to say, and to whom?  What do you need your website to do and what do you want it to allow visitors to do?  To which extent will your website facilitate initial client connection and action?

Just like you get different types of cars ranging from convertibles, family cars and luxury transport to utility vehicles, trucks and buses, there is a variety of website types to drive your business in the right direction. These include:


Business website

Generic / informational website which offers  details about the business and its products / services, media (images and video) and contact details etc.



Informational, opionion based and/or content sharing website which is regularly updated


Ecommerce website

A website that acts as a store and facilitates the sale of products or services


Personal website

An online presentation of a person or celebrity’s resume, media and social activity


Portfolio website

An online portfolio representing the work of a creative person or business.  Ideal for photographers and other visual artists


Online Marketplace

A website / online platform where third party companies and/or individuals can sell their products or services. Transactions are usually e-commerce enabled and facilitated by the marketplace owner


Business Portal

A web based platform where users of a business and/or organisation log in to make use of a variety of software based tools

Some recent web designs

"Fast and potent"

Clout created a website for us overnight when the urgent need for a web presence presented itself as the normal operations of my company were turned around to produce PPE when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Not only did we get a functional website, but one that was SEO friendly and we started receiving web enquiries within less than a week. Clout also does all our photography, creates presentations and runs our social media accounts, allowing our small company to focus on production.

Riccardo Pugliese, Owner: Oxo Productions

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